We are delighted to announce our long and short lists for the 4th Virginia Prize for Fiction.

The quality of the novels we received this year were of a very high standard, making the reading enjoyable and the decisions hard!  Entries across a range of genres came from women writing in English from Europe, Antipodes, Asia and America.

The longlist :

The Angel and the Apothecary by Kate Ewing Rose

The Ant on the Flank of the Elephant by Charlotte Ashworth

Beyond Choice by Sandy Norris

Salt in the Blood  by Kathryn Dawes

The Cloister Door by Victoria Hughes

The Selkie Wheel by Juliette Nolan

 The shortlist:

The Dragonfly by Kate Dunn

Shambala Junction by Dipika Mukherjee

Shine on Marquee Moon by Zoe Howe

The Story You Choose to Tell by Karen Levy

The Walls Came Down by Ewa Josefkowicz


We will announce the winner next Monday, 7 March 2016.