care takersTruant Company are touring Billy Cowan’s play Care Takers this year. Aurora Metro are publishing the playtext.
Ms Lawson, a new teacher at Newall South High School, believes Jamie Harrow is being bullied because he’s gay. She wants to help but Mrs Rutter, the Deputy Head, thinks it will sort itself out. Is Mrs Rutter speaking from experience or is there something more unsavoury about her uncaring attitude?
The play deals with homophobia in the staffroom of a secondary school, and is an excellent teachers’ training resource. Care Takers by Billy Cowan - TruantCompany
“Hits home with a punch!” WhatsOnStage 5 stars​
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Emma Romy-Jones – Ms Lawson
Penelope McDonald – Mrs Rutter
Care Takers 2016 Tour dates
13th April 2016 – Oldham Library
14th April 2016 – The Arts Centre, Ormskirk
16th April 2016 – LGBT Youth North West
19th April 2016 – M6 Theatre Company
22/23 April 2016 – The Lowry, Salford
29th April 2016 – The Lantern Theatre, Liverpool
30th April 2016 – NUT Young Teacher’s Conference
6-8 May 2016 – The Marlborough Theatre, Brighton Fringe Festival
3-29th August – Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Cvenues.