“David Chadwick’s Liberty Bazaar is an enthralling tale of spying and love against the background of the war tearing America apart” says the Liverpool Echo in their lovely interview with David.

Interviewed by Alistair Houghton David shares insights into the research he undertook for his debut novel.

Read the full interview and review of David’s debut novel, Liberty Bazaar.

David’s LiveDavid Chadwickrpool-set American Civil War novel has been getting wonderful reviews…

“Tells of Liverpool’s secret role in a conflict that still divides the US … brings the teeming streets of Empire-era Liverpool to vivid life.” Liverpool Echo

“Shades of Dickens … offbeat, refreshingly absorbing.” Kirkus Reviews (starred review for ‘books of exceptional merit’)

“Much to please both thinker and those demanding entertainment.” The Book Bag (5-star review)

“Chadwick’s prose is brilliant. Liberty Bazaar is a wonderfully written story.” Readers’ Favorite 5-star review

 “Chadwick’s historical thriller is compassionate and exceedingly smart.” Joshua Potts, The Skinny, 4-star review

 “A very enjoyable read.” Nudge Book

 “A thrilling account of intrigue, deception, violence – and forbidden love” James M McPherson, Professor of History at Princeton University and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Battle Cry of Freedom

“The sights and smells of dockside Liverpool come alive in ways reminiscent of Dickens.” Richard Blackett, Professor of History at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, and author of Divided Hearts: Britain and the American Civil War

 “Written with a strong sense of place and sensitive to the era’s economic, political and moral complexities.” Martin Crawford, Emeritus Professor of Anglo-American History at Keele University, Staffordshire.

 First class storytelling. An addictive novel with love and gun smoke and a tremendous feel for its time and its settings.” Paul Du Noyer, founder of MOJO magazine and author of Liverpool: Wondrous Place

“Those who want to know why the Confederate flag came down in Charleston in 2015 should read David Chadwick’s book.” Andrew Lees, author of Liverpoool – The Hurricane Port

 “A fascinating story combining events from American and Liverpool history.” Fred Lawless, writer on EastEnders and writer of BBC Radio 4’s Close Enough to Touch

“A historical drama with nail-biting moments. I couldn’t put it down.” Larry Neild, Liverpool Radio City Talk

“Brings to light Liverpool’s involvement with the American Civil War and how real events could have changed the outcome. A cracking novel.” Sean Styles, BBC Merseyside

“Historical intrigue with the suspense of a spy thriller.” Stephen Gallagher, writer on Silent Witness and creator of Eleventh Hour

“A political page-turner that transcends the genre of historical fiction” Livi Michael, Faber Prize-winning author of Their Angel Reach and Succession

“Vivid description, elegant sentences, diligent research. David Chadwick is the real deal, a serious writer with a serious talent.”

Nicholas Royle, author of First Novel and Regicide

“This is an immersive, powerful historical novel – one impossible to put down.” Sherry Ashworth, author of Good Recipes and Bad Women and Mental