50 Women in Sport


With an overview of the history of women in sport, by Sport Historian Professor Jean Williams, this book celebrates our female sports pioneers and legends as well as featuring insightful interviews with over 20 women in sport today. Full colour hardback.

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by Jean Williams
Includes an overview of the history of women in sport by Sport historian, Professor Jean Williams.
Women have traditionally been discouraged from participating in sporting activities. Undaunted, female athletes and sportswomen of all kinds have demonstrated their courage and inner strength to break records and demolish outdated notions of the weaker sex. Now, the professionalisation of women’s sports such as football, rugby and cricket has led to renewed popularity and commercial investment big time.

Serena Williams ● Megan Rapinoe ● Lindsay Vonn ● Paula Radcliffe ● Tracey Edwards● Sarah Storey ● Simone Biles ● Bethany Hamilton ● Fu-Yuanhui ● Aina Nehwal ● Ellen McArthur ● Jessica Ennis-Hill and many more…

With colour photos and around 20 interviews with contemporary women in sport.

About the author

Jean Williams is a British Professor in Sport History and author specialising in Women’s history; sport and literat←ure; sportswear and motorsport. Having previously taught English for a decade, Williams is a senior research fellow at the International Centre for Sport History and Culture, De Montfort University. She also acts as a historical consultant to the National Football Museum, particularly for elections to the English Football Hall of Fame.[7] Though mainly known for her work on women’s football, Williams has produced a range of material on the history of sports and the social contexts of events: these include articles on a collection of early modern sporting poems and 1950s British Bridge to a chapter on the Indianapolis 500 motor race in the United States. Williams has also looked at women’s motor racing for a special edition on Britain’s motorists published in 2014. In terms of public history, Williams is very interested in the midlands, writing of Leicestershire cricketer George Geary for Our Sporting Life, an exhibition held at Curve Theatre in February 2011.

She is a lifelong supporter of Leicester City Football Club.

Williams is author of A Game For Rough Girls: A History of Women’s Football in England (Routledge 2003) and A Beautiful Game: International Perspectives on Women’s Football (Berg 2007). Her main projects for 2010-11 include a research monograph called A Contemporary History of Women’s Sport (Routledge Research, 2011) and a 17,000 Euro UEFA-funded project Women’s Football, Europe and Professionalization 1971-2011. She is also writing a history of Britain’s Women Olympians 1900-2012. In 2012 the Oxford DNB will publish articles on Leicester swimmer Jennie Fletcher and St Helen’s footballing prodigy Lily Parr, for example. Williams has acted as consultant to sports organisations, including FIFA, and for the media, including the BBC Nation on Film Series and Edwardian Farm. She has also appeared on the BBC Radio 4 history comedy series ‘You’re Dead To Me’ alongside Greg Jenner and Tom Parry as a football historian.