Black Mail


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Black Mail

by Thomas Feibel
Translated by Penny Black


Johnny is 17 and the biggest Darlis Diller fan in Germany. Having tricked both his school and his parents, he follows his rock idol on a national tour. But things don’t go to plan when he has all his money stolen and the people around him end up dead – all because of an email he’s mistakenly received from a criminal gang! Soon he has nowhere to hide and nobody to turn to – except Pola, his new best friend, that is. Unaware that both the criminals and the police are after him, Johnny tries to track down his elusive rock idol. But his idol seems to be hallucinating about a demon called the Dhuul…


“In amongst search engines, downloads, murderers, concerts and designer labels, Thomas Feibel has written a thriller for readers aged 13+ that reads like a road movie.” Ostthuringer Zeitung

“Thomas Feibel has written a tense, pacy thriller about crime on the Net… one of the three best thrillers for young people for the year.” Buchkultur

“What Feibel does perfectly in this novel is combine demonic tension – i.e. pure entertainment – with a moral underlay.” Buch & Maus


About the author

Thomas Feibel is a journalist for Der Spiegel and Die Zeit and runs the Office for Children’s Media in Berlin. He has published several books for children and young people including the annual Guide to Children’s Software.




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