Giorgio Gomelsky ‘For Your Love’


The first biography of impresario Giorgio Gomelsky who was at the centre of the counterculture in 60s’ London and 70s’ Paris before running a studio for avant-garde musicians in New York. He was the original manager of the Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds in London, then promoted the French supergroup Magma and developed the career of Gong.


The Incredible Life of a Music Impresario for the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds & Magma

by Francis Dumaurier
with a foreword by Rick Rees

Giorgio Gomelsky was at the centre of the counterculture in London and Paris in the 60s and 70s, before running a studio for avant-garde musicians in New York. He was the original manager of the Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds in 60s London, then managed the French rock band Magma and developed the career of the band Gong in Paris in the 1970s. Dumaurier recounts his friend Gomelsky’s love of life, his dynamism, and the creativity that made him “push the envelope”. With a keen eye for talent, Gomelsky’s ideas helped shape the rock music we know and love today – acting as a catalyst for change and innovation.

With recollections from colleagues, friends and musicians: Larry Birnbaum, Madeleine Carr, Raul Gonzalez, Brian Gooding, Bob Gruen, Roman Iwasiwka, Amy Madden, Jesse Malin and Bradley Rim

About the author

Born and raised in the neighbourhood of Montmartre in Paris, Francis Dumaurier wrote his “Portrait of Jack Kerouac after Desolation Angels” thesis for his Masters’ at the University of Paris X before going on the road to travel and see the world. After a year in the Amazon jungle of Colombia as a rainforest safari guide, he spent 5 years in Rio de Janeiro working in the travel and hotel industries. Moving to New York City (where he still lives) he began working in the entertainment industry, first as a host and producer of primetime daily programs on Manhattan Cable TV, and then as an actor in films, tv and voice-overs. He spent his first weekend in America at the original Woodstock Festival. Since then he has also hosted and produced “The Wine CD” as a Compagnon des Vins de Bordeaux with a group of 14 other wine specialists.

Fluent in 4 languages and in the York and Scottish rites of Freemasonry, Francis also loves to play rock’n’roll music on his Stratocaster guitar and Marshall amp. He was a close friend of Gomelsky for over 30 years and this biography was originally published in France.

Francis Dumaurier – French Actor in New York City – SAG – AFTRA – AEA

RICK REES (Foreword)

Rick is an engineer with a curiosity for the avant garde. He interviews artists and musicians on his youtube channel Rick Rees – YouTube and blogs about life’s weird mysteries at The Non-Writer | Rick Rees | Substack. It’s about the people pushing boundaries and exploring the unknown because that is what makes life worth living.  He writes about or interviews the artists, musicians and engineers that he has worked with and been influenced by. Although he calls himself a non-writer, his interest in avant-garde music has led him to write a book about Gomelsky called ‘The Gomelsky Recordings’. Francis Dumaurier Interview – by Rick Rees – The Non-Writer (


“At last! A biography of the man who did more than most to shape rock music in the 60s and 70s. Francis was a close friend and admirer of his subject in his later years, and his book captures Gomelsky’s brilliant butterfly mind; a labour of love.” – Ralph Brookfield, musician and writer of books on music.

“In his biography ‘Life’, Keith Richards says of Gomelsky: “He pushed us forward, found us concerts, at a time when there was nothing else to hope for.” A creative, inspired poet, passionate impresario, Giorgio Gomelsky lived in New York where the author Francis Dumaurier met him and then rubbed shoulders with him for a long time. From their friendship was born this moving testimony that (finally) does justice to the man.”
****  –
Maryline Stan, Amazon

“a great tribute and recollection of Giorgio Gomelsky’s life and his influences on culture and music as told by close friends and those that knew and worked with him, such as musicians Jesse Malin, Brad Rim, Amy Madden and Raul Gonzalez. It is a genuine and interesting read to discover more about Giorgio and his life as well as the history of the music era of the 60s and 70s rock. Now, thanks to this English edition, more can read about Giorgio’s life and influences that helped shape rock music so he can get the remembrance he deserves.” – Carina Lawrence, Mad About Rock

“If you have an interest in the way the music industry evolved, an interest in the 1960’s British blues and 1970’s Prog scene, then I’d thoroughly recommend this book. The author does a wonderful job bringing the story to life.” – Roger Tichborne, The Barnet Eye

“If you’re a big classic rock nerd who wants to learn about the behind the scenes people, it’s a good read with many interesting stories from those who were close to Giorgio throughout his life – an honest look, warts and all… There are lots of cool photos of Giorgio and the bands that he worked with throughout the book. It paints a vibrant picture of what it was like in Swinging London, 60s and 70s Paris, and 80s New York City… Pick up this book and you’ll find he was more than just The Yardbirds manager. What a journey!” – Angie Moon, The Diversity of Classic Rock

“Dumaurier, through his friendship with Giorgio and interviews with those who knew him, paints a vivid picture of Gomelsky’s life and legacy, exploring his complex relationships with the musicians he worked with, his impact on the music industry, and his lasting influence on the cultural landscape of the 1960s and beyond.” – Jason Barnard, The Strange Brew

“A fascinating biography featuring one of the British blues most unsung heroes, via vital associations with the Stones and Yardbirds amongst others.” – Craig Campbell, Louder Than War

“Gomelsky’s true talent, in Dumaurier’s reckoning, was always finding his way to where the interesting people were…A loving account of a life lived across music scenes.” – Kirkus Reviews

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