Media Labs: what you need to know


An essential guide for budding creative content makers to getting on in the new world of digital media. Explores the various opportunities available in the form of Media labs, film festivals and skills training and gives advice on  where they are, what they offer and how to apply.

Includes history and discussion of Media Labs and how they will play a key part in the digital world of the future and the coming revolution in narrative storytelling.


Media Labs: what you need to know

by James Clarke

We live in an age of moving images. More than ever, creatives are hungry to find their path towards storytelling opportunities in new media. Is a degree in Media Studies or Game Creation necessary today? Or can Media Labs provide the training and development you need to launch your career in the creative industries?


From game jams to film festivals, from how to apply for funding, to who to connect with online, this is an essential guide to the evolving and dynamic world of the media lab as a place (actual or virtual) that encourages, nurtures and provides tangible support for creative talents and their projects. While the focus is on filmmaking and gaming, the author also delves into the ‘brave new worlds’ of VR and AR.

Providing an overview of the range of media labs on offer, the book is enriched by interviews with contemporary practitioners working in lab culture around the world.

About the Author

James Clarke has written for the magazines 3D Artist, 3DWorld, Moviescope and Empire. His work has also featured in The Guardian, on BBC Radio 3 and for the BFI. As an educator he is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has taught at the University of Gloucestershire, Hereford College of Arts and the University of Warwick. James is currently a Visiting Lecturer at the London Film School.  James’s books include the recently published Through Her Lens: The Stories Behind the Photography of Eva Sereny (ACC Books), The Year of the Geek (Aurum Press) and Bodies in Heroic Motion: The Cinema of James Cameron (Columbia University Press). James also writes A Level Film Studies resources for Edusites and has been a consultant to the British Council, writing and producing content on the subject of various literary icons.

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“… an inspirational and timely new resource, packed with contacts, leading edge initiatives, tips from seasoned media practitioners …. It can’t fail to help you get new creative content made, and seen, around the world.”    – Nic Millington, CEO Rural Media

“With digital technologies and the blurring of creative boundaries changing the way that content is made and seen, this book proves an invaluable guide for those looking to successfully navigate this constantly evolving landscape.”    – Nikki Baughan, Film Industry Journalist

About previous books

‘Stuffed with infographics and interesting tidbits of information and trivia, it gives readers something to be thankful for every day of the year.’ − Kirkus Reviews on The Year of the Geek

‘Informative, interesting, and effective…. helps readers to appreciate [Cameron’s] influence and proves to be an intriguing experience.’ − Film Matters on Bodies in Heroic Motion: The Cinema of James Cameron


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