My Brother’s War



My Brother’s War

by David Hill

  • Winner of the Junior Fiction Award and Children’s Choice for Children and Young Adults 2013 (New Zealand Post Book Awards for Children and Young Adults 2013).
  • Winner of The Lianza Librarians’ Choice Award, 2013.


It’s New Zealand, 1914, and the biggest war the world has known has just broken out in Europe. William eagerly enlists for the army but his younger brother, Edmund, is a conscientious objector and refuses to fight. While William trains to be a soldier, Edmund is arrested. Both brothers will end up on the bloody battlefields of France, but their journeys there are very different. And what they experience at the front line will challenge the beliefs that led them there.


“It is a searing read but the book speaks with great authority.” Clare Morpurgo, The School Librarian (UK publication)

“…this is an important and highly readable book.” NZ Listener

“…there are stories that need to be told over and over again …” NZ Post Book Awards for Children & Young Adults

“Beautifully written and deeply engrossing.” Otago Daily Times

“Real, raw … and fabulous all at the same time.” Adele Broadbent, writer/reviewer


About the author

In 2002, David Hill won the Children’s Literature Foundation Award for See Ya Simon and the same book won the TES Award for Special Needs in 1994. In 2003, he was the Robert Lord writer-in-residence and in 2005 he received the Margaret Mahy Medal for his significant contribution to children’s literature in New Zealand. His books have been translated into French, Chinese and Estonian. His short stories and plays for teenagers and young readers have been published and broadcast in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.








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