Sleeping Beauty



Sleeping Beauty

by Matthew Beames

  • Can be performed by schools, colleges, youth theatres etc.
  • Challenges gender stereotypes, with role reversal.
  • Large cast play


The world spins and the cycle of seasons turns as the Guardians of the Year gather to tell each other stories. As a new Winter begins it is time to tell another tale… A kingdom is in peril, its people driven to flee their homes as a dark forest covers the land. The King and Queen are missing and Prince Roland, only heir to the kingdom, lies sleeping, cursed never to awaken… All seems lost, and it falls to one young woman with a strong heart, aided by strange companions, to find her way to the castle at the heart of the enchanted forest. Once there, it will take a genuine act of love to break the curse and free the kingdom. A story about friendship, drawing on myth and folklore, Sleeping Beauty is an exciting and enchanting new adaptation of the well-loved story.


“A HEARTWARMING tale of friendship and the power of storytelling… Matt Beames has taken the traditional story of Sleeping Beauty and adapted it for a modern audience.” Southern Daily Echo


About the author

Matt Beames is a writer based in the Southampton area. He loves stories of all kinds and has been writing and telling his own since childhood. His work is often inspired by and draws on folklore and mythology from around the world.

Matt writes for the theatre as well as long and short fiction, poetry, comics and he is also developing an original board game. His writing for theatre includes more than ten plays and adaptations that have been performed in various professional and youth theatre productions in the UK and even as far as Seattle, USA.

Aurora Metro has also published Matt’s adaptations of Cinderella (2018), and his other recent projects include adaptations of Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth and The Signal-Man by Charles Dickens.




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