In The Scene: Steve McQueen


An exploration of British director Steve McQueen’s films, from his short films and video art through his masterpiece ‘Twelve Years A Slave’ to his BBC series ‘Small Axe’ and more.

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by Jen Francis

Part of our new series of accessible introductory guides to significant contemporary filmmakers, this guide is a must for film fans and students of contemporary cinema alike. An introductory chapter highlights thematic and visual devices, followed by an exploration of British director Steve McQueen’s work, from his short films and video art through his critically acclaimed feature films, including his masterpiece, the Academy Award-winning 12 Years A Slave, to his BBC TV series Small Axe and more.
Londoner Steve McQueen shot to fame in 1999 when he won the prestigious Turner Prize for innovative art. In 2020, the Tate Gallery in London held an exhibition of over a dozen works spanning film, photography and sculpture, including his homage to the African American actor and civil rights activist Paul Robeson. Ranging across the visual arts, to advertising, documentary and drama, McQueen often tackles hard-hitting topics such as discrimination and injustice in powerful, cinematic ways.


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