Agnes Christina is a multidisciplinary artist who is interested in the struggle that people face in life and most importantly how they deal with the struggle. Focusing on the rhythm that is created by humans in everyday life, Agnes presents her findings mostly through performances that collaborate with other media such as film and painting. In 2013, Agnes received an 18 months research and creation residency, the Substation Directors’ Lab Programme from the National Arts Council Singapore, where she researched thoroughly on Serat Centhini, the most magnificent Javanese traditional literature which is the Javanese encyclopedia of life and she presented it in a series of performances. In 2012, she received a Hotwave residency from Cemeti Art House which was supported by the Netherlands Embassy and Heden, in which, she presented an interactive multimedia performance titled Tukang Gosip as her response to the social life in Yogyakarta.   
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