Bryony Beynon is a writer and community organiser originally from South Wales, and has been involved in DIY punk for ten years. She plays or has played in Back Stabbath, The Sceptres, Good Throb, Tortura and Croup, while running Dire Records. She is a columnist for Maximum Rocknroll, publishes Modern Hate Vibe zine and crops up trumpeting for radical feminism in The Guardian and on the BBC as co-director of Hollaback London. Bryony is a graduate of Sussex University and the Culture Industry MA programme at Goldsmiths, writing and researching on knowledge hierarchies in volunteer-led radical cultural practice and international secret punk histories, as well as gentrification, psychogeography and creative economy. As a promoter she has taken gigs out of the pubs and into abandoned buildings, railway arches and the roof of the Hayward gallery with the Big Takeover project, and is currently working on setting up a permanent autonomous DIY space for London. Bryony would like to thank: ‘Adrienne Droogas, Jenn Twigg, Stephie Cristol, Mish Bondage, Wick Bambix and Jessica Skolnik for their contributions, and to Charlotte Percival, Layla Gibbon and Angela McRobbie for continued support and inspiration.’
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