Florent Manelli is a committed illustrator and author from Perpignan. It was at the age of 14, discovering the work of Andy Warhol, that he decided to take an interest in the visual arts. From a fine line with black felt to a colorful painting, his drawings are the reflection of an imagination shared between reality, pop art and sobriety. Portraiture has an important place in his work as well as his commitments, especially in favor of LGBT+ rights and the environment.

Florent Manelli has been a columnist for Radio Nova and hosts a live series on engagement on the brut media application. He published his first book, 40 LGBT+ who changed the world (Volume 1) with Editions Lapin in 2019, followed by a second volume in 2020. His third book, Fire or Nothing: Portrait of a Committed Generation, was published in March 2022.

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