György Spiró born 1946 Budapest, Hungary. Studied Russian, Serbo-Croat and Hungarian Literature at Budapest University (ELTE). Gained fellow-ships in the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Poland, and Czechoslovakia. 1970-71 Journalist for Hungarian Radio. 1971-76 Editor in Corvina Publishing House. 1978 until today Lecturer at Budapest University (ELTE) and from 1989-1998 at the Budapest Academy for Theatre and Film. 1976-1980 Dramaturg at the Hungarian National Theatre. 1981-1991 Dramaturg at the Csiky Gergely Theatre in Kaposvár. 1992-1995 Artistic Director of the Szigligeti Theatre in Szolnok. 1984, 1998 Visiting Scholar at Columbia University, New York. Plays: Some thirty of them, including: Az Imposztor (The Impostor,1982), also in English, French, Polish. Csirkefej (Chickenhead, 1985), translated into 11 languages. A kert (The Garden,1984), also in Czech, Slovak, Estonian, English. Dobardan (1994), also in English, Polish. Vircsaft (1996) also in Italian. Novels: Kerengő (The Cloister) 1974, 1995,  Az Ikszek (The X-es)1981, 1983, 1994 , A Jövevény (The Comling) 1990 and many short stories, essays and translations. Prizes: József Attila Prize 1982, Erzsébet Prize 1990, Déry Prize 1993, Madách Prize 1994, Ernő Szép Prize 1997, Best Play of the Season 1983, 1987, 1998, First Prize for the play “Honte de Rue” in Budapest Drama Concours 1998, Laurel Wreath of the Hungarian Republic 1998. Member of the Hungarian PEN. He lives in Budapest and has two children. Photograph by Stekovics Gáspár.
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