Jane Bradley is a freelance writer and secondary school English teacher from the north east of England. In addition to writing for an educational blog, she runs a copywriting business and has her own blog ‘Life After the Storm’, dealing with domestic abuse, escape, survival and recovery. Jane initially became interested in punk through her older siblings, but describes discovering riot grrrl as ‘life changing’, triggering her enthusiasm for fanzines, feminism and female musicians. After moving to West Yorkshire to study print journalism and watch hardcore bands, Jane was inspired to start the Armley of Darkness DIY collective, putting on gigs around Leeds. She provided the vocals for the Magic Finger, Team Rocket, the Radical Possibilities of Pleasure and Late Night Dog Fight and played records at feminist disco, Pussy Whipped. She now lives with her family by the North Yorkshire seaside. Jane would like to thank: ‘Paul Wheatley; Sarah Wheatley; Julia Downes; Alistair Billam and Rob Chapman (at the University of Huddersfield); Caroline Coon; Zillah Minx; Helen McCookerybook and Arlo, Henry, Elsie and Luke Bradley.’
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