Jill Greenhalgh has been a professional theatre-maker since 1978. Her career as a performer, director and producer primarily focuses on experimental physical practice and, since her mid-20s, a specific interest in the performance work being developed by women. This passion resulted in the foundation of The Magdalena Project –International Network of Women in Contemporary Theatre, in 1986, which has since grown into a worldwide organization with ongoing festivals in more than 25 countries. She proudly remains the Founding Artistic Director of this project (www.themagdalenaproject.org). The Magdalena has flourished because it is based on relationships and non-hierarchical support and sharing, which has achieved a horizontal structure and strategy for organization and survival. As a director, her performance projects always respond to whatever “will not go away” – issues or concerns that haunt her, that insist on a response in the language she is most practiced in: performance. She practises walking with, and facing, what she is most afraid of: the unknown.
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