Krystyna Kofta lives in Warsaw. Husband professor of psychology, son biologist. Graduated with M.A. in Polish in 1970. Novels: The Visor (1978) – (Faustian themes), Sawdust (1980) – (The Stalinist era seen through the eyes of children), The Small Predator House (1988) – (a woman gaining her freedom from the power of her mother and then her husband), No-one’s Body (1988) – (a gothic romance), In Praise of Witches (1994) – (on female power), The Secret Diary of Melanie R. (1997) – (balancing between the real and virtual worlds), The Thief of Memory (1998) – (today and the memory of childhood). Other work: The Man who didn’t die (1990) – (a collection of short stories), How to get, keep and drop a man (1992) – (a parody of a self-help manual), Harpies, piranhas, angels (1997) – (a dialogue with journalist Malgorzata Domagalik on the subject of the lack of solidarity among women). Film scripts: I like Bats (horror), Femina (based on The Small Predator’s House). Other Plays: Professor Mephisto’s Salon – (Faust and Mephisto are women). On-going work for the women’s magazine Your Style.
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