Mark Jenkins - one of Wales' leading writers of theatre and film. He born and brought up in Islington, London. His first film The Scarlet Tunic was released at Cannes in 1997 and he is currently commissioned by the Arts Council of Wales to write a film of the life of Welsh boxer, Jim Driscoll. His one-men show Playing Burton, best-known work, is the most successful new Welsh play of the last twenty-five years with over a thousand performances on three continents. His first play, Brithmarks, won first prize awarded by the Drama Association of Wales in 1987. Other plays include Rosebud: the Lives of Orson Welles (Fringe First and Carol Tambor Awards, 2004), Strindberg Knew My Father, Mister Owen's Millennium, Downtown Paradise and Nora's Bloke.  
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