Nebojsa Romcevic born 1962, Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Graduated 1988 from the Theatre Academy in Belgrade, Department of Dramaturgy. Achieved his Masters and PhD in Modern Drama Theory. Since 1988, he has taught History and the Theory of Drama at the Theatre Academy in Belgrade. 1989-1990 Artistic Director of Terazije Theater, Belgrade. 1997-1999 Director of the Drama Department of the National Theatre in Belgrade. Writes for Theatre and Television (until he was banned on state television). During his career, his work has won all the major prizes for Playwriting and Screenwriting in Yugoslavia. Most of his plays have been translated into German, English, Polish, Slovakian and Bulgarian. Plays: Forces in the air, a sentimental comedy Winter Castle, a black comedy Tired Ones, a comedy Light play, a farce Living in Cemetery Street, a black comedy Terra Incognita, a farce Karolina Neuber, a drama Prince, an interactive spectacle for teenagers Guilt a drama Cordon a drama, later adapted as a film. Winner of Montreal Film Festival 2003.
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