Nguyen Đăng Chuong was born on May 25, 1964 in Khanh Trung commune, Yen Khanh district, Ninh Binh province Vietnam. He has gained a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of Cultural Studies and is currently a graduate student at the Institute of Art and Culture, Vietnam. He is well-known for his plays. From 1998 to date, Nguyen Đăng Chuong has written more than twenty works for the theatre, and has recieved thirty prestigious awards in the categories of plays, screenplays and TV drama, as well as the top awards from the Vietnamese ministries and Literary Arts Society. Dark Race was awarded the Gold Medal for plays in the Professional Dramatics National Contest of Tuong, Folk and Drama 2013 and the Gold Medal for plays and Best Writer in Professional Dramatics National Contest 2015. He was awarded Prize A for Best Play in 2013, and Prize of Best Drama Script in 2012 from Vietnam Stage Artists Association. While exploring philosophical issues through his drama, Đăng examines characters whose actions often contradict their purported good intentions. He is currently director of the Department of Performing Arts, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and a Member of the Executive Committee Stage Artists Association Vietnam, terms VI, VII and VIII (from 2005 to date).
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