Parv Bancil was born in Tanzania and came to England two years later to settle in Hounslow. He left school at sixteen and became a DJ. After a stint in a suntan lotion factory, he got his first job in theatre as the stage manager for Hac Theatre. When the company ran into difficulties, Bancil and a couple of actors took over and produced their own work. He co-wrote his first play with Ravinder Gill, Curse of the Dead Dog. The play focused on British Asian experiences, which soon became the company's agenda and the driving force behind Bancil's work. He won the Young Playwrights Festival for BBC Radio 4 in 1991 and completed a residency at the Royal Court in 1996. His plays include How's Your Skull? Does it Fit?, Kings and Bad Company for Hac Theatre, Bloodline for Tara Arts, The Brotherhood for Yehlellah Theatre, Ungrateful Dead for Watermans, Nadir for BBC radio 4, Jago (Get Real) for Peshkar Theatre and Crazyhorse for Paines Plough and Tara Arts.
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