Val Rauzier is a strong believer in DIY cultures and their power to change the world and save lives (and the other way around). In her struggle against the hatred perpetrated by patriarchal and capitalist powers, she has been involved in zine-making (co-editor of Barbie Kills Ken, OvAryAction and the Laugh of the Stri(p)ped Hyena) and DJing (as ovARyAction SoundSystem, DJ Garcons ManquEes and rAdiOrAgaZZa). She also has hosted shows dedicated to women in music on independent radio stations (Babes in Boyland on radio Clapas, France, OvAryAction on RadiOrakel, Norway and RadiOgAgaZZa on l’eko des garrigues, France) for the past fifteen years. She currently lives and works in Oslo and is a PhD candidate in English and Cultural Studies at the University of Montpellier. Her thesis focuses on Diamanda Galàs and Kathy Acker. Val would like to thank: ‘Her Noise archive for fixing everything, including the VCR for the archive still in the analog format. Anne Gidde for driving so I could write and for asking the right questions … and then patiently read the rough draft … on her holiday. Chrystel Dg for support, encouragement and knowing when/how to kick my lazy ass. To Lynnee Breedlove and artists and queer activists for answering my questions and being ready to go through hours of discussion. And of course, last but not least: to the bands then, there, here and now for writing the songs and for the passion of performance, to the zinesters and the power of the pen, of the words, of the lines: a massive thanks!’
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