Vera Filo is a Hungarian playwright and poet whose plays include Ariel, the Dumb Spirit, A Maid in London, Rob and Tot Just Laugh Once More and Tulip Doctor. "Whether I try myself here and there, or other people try me now and then, it is to this day – I swear, that is 25 years, (Vera you’re getting old – a secret). Do I see things or hear them, or just feel them under my skin or above? It’s not at all clear, as my life isn’t crystallising either… I have to work on that – I am not alone in this, am I? ‘The worried one makes dates Later the future’ I’m quoting myself there but ‘it’s all the same’ whatever you fancy, such is your sensitivity. Anyway, after directing Genet, Durenmatt, Picasso and Cocteau adaptations, I didn’t become modest and took up residency inside myself. After I served up Tulip Doctor on the table at the Playwrights and Theatre Practitioners, I wrote Keresok (Searchers) which was published in the magazine Szinhaz (Theatre) and puzzled over at the Inter-Play in Berlin. The play Allj-ulve (Stand-sitting) was published in the periodical Theleme. Egyenesen (Straight) won the playwriting competiton of the Miskolc Theatre. Currently I am preparing for the Orkeny Istvan Playwrighting Scholarship by fighting a word and image battle – the working title is Ariel (Smoke-stripe)… my God, why don’t you sigh this way a little? I also draw comic-strips. I write poetry too. These are somehow more accepted by the people here. I don’t know why."
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