Kevin Dyer’s latest play The Iranian Feast opened at Farnham Maltings on 5 March 2016 before touring the UK.The Iranian Feast at Farnham Maltings

In modern-day Tehran, you can never predict how life will turn out.

Abbas calls together his wife and daughter and their friends and neighbours for an impromptu feast. Going in the pot are fresh herbs, spices, sweet vegetables and Eli’s mother’s secret ingredient… Part thriller, part cookery lesson, this is the story of a family struggling to deal with the challenges of a regime where secrecy and surveillance are an everyday part of life.

Dyer’s play is more than just  simple passive theatre experience, as the audience join in the celebrations and even help in preparing the meal.

Lynn Gardner reviewing the play for The Guardian said “Dyer’s script offers some surprises and subtleties, throws up some tricky978-1910-798935 The Iranian Feast Cover.pdf moral questions and explores how the repressions of the state are mirrored by repressions within the family. Survival
always comes at a price.” 
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Dyer was inspired to write The Iranian Feast after visiting Iran just after the ‘stolen election’. He would like to thank all those people from and still living in Iran who helped him by reading and discussing drafts of the script.

You can buy the playtext of The Iranian Feast by Kevin Dyer here

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