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The Virginia Prize for Fiction 

The Virginia Prize for Fiction is a biennial novel competition which has been established for over a decade. The name of the contest pays tribute to local author Virginia Woolf.

This writing competition has uncovered new talent and helped to establish the careers of emerging writers by publishing and promoting their work.

The prize winning novels have been adapted for radio and tv.

The competition is open to women and non-binary writers of any nationality from any country, aged 18 and over.

We are looking for entries of completed, unpublished novels, for adults or YA readers, of at least 45,000 words in length.

Submission for the 2023 Virginia Prize for Fiction is now open until October 31st.


The winning entry in the last round was a dark thriller titled Bone Rites by new Australian author Natalie Bayley.

We are excited to let you know that it will be published in Autumn 2023.


You can pre-order it here

Natalie-Bayley- author


The Prize:

Finalists will receive editorial guidance and a conditional publishing deal
from leading independent publisher Aurora Metro Books, which includes an advance payment and royalty.

Please ensure you’ve read the rules and FAQs before entering.


Natalie Bayley winner 2022 

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Previous Virginia Prize winning novels that we have published include:

Cover of Volta by Nikki Dudley Kipling & Trix Pomegranate Sky The Leipzig Affair The Dragonfly The Walls Came Down Shambala Junction

We are pleased to have successfully raised funds and unveiled a bronze statue in memorial to the author near to our office on Richmond riverside.

See more about the 5 year campaign here.